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How To Load Money Onto Your Karri Wallet

Are you struggling to load money onto your karri wallet? Never fear, this blog is here to help you! Follow this easy step by step guide below.

Why Use The Karri Wallet Function?

The Karri Wallet is an easy way to store money and pay for upcoming events and collections. It is also an ideal way to save money for larger events and collections such as sports tours or grade camp.

How To Top Up Your Wallet

1.) To view your wallet balance simply click on the number situated in the right of your screen. 


2.) You will then be taken to your wallet balance screen, which looks like the below. Then, simply press the top up button.


3.) Click on your wallet, you’ll be taken to the screen below. You can tap on your card to pay via card or to add a card, simply press the ADD CARD button and follow the simple steps. You can also pay using OZOW if you use OZOW you will be redirected to your online banking app. 


4.) Once you’ve chosen which payment method you’d like to use to update your wallet, you will be taken to the top up screen. Select the amount you’d like to top up or enter your own amount. Then press TOP UP.

5.)  Once you’ve pressed TOP UP, you’ll be asked to confirm the top up amount. simply press TOP UP and your request will be processed.


6.) If your transaction is successful you will see the SUCCESS screen. Simply press OK.7.png

7.) You’ll then be taken back to your Karri Wallet where you will be able to see your new wallet balance!


Still struggling with topping up your Karri wallet?  Don’t fear our friendly team are here and waiting to help you out. Simply call us on 021 300 1867 or contact us via

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